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I'm a mid-20s biology graduate currently working in scientific illustration. My major passions in life are paleontology, evolutionary biology, birding, and art. I draw dinosaurs a lot, particularly maniraptorans, and intend to become a relatively well-known paleoartist at some point in time.

I also love being out in nature, and would probably revert to the wild if my friends and family actually let me. I am an obsessive birder and an amateur bird photographer. I also enjoy the idea of a self-reliant and self-sustained lifestyle.

My journal is friends-only, but I'm pretty open about adding people, as long as we have something in common and, you know, you're not a total douche. However, please comment if you'd like an add. I typically don't add people when they don't say anything.

Unfortunately I don't update at LJ very much anymore, mostly because the majority of my friends have migrated to other social networking sites across the internet. I'll never leave LJ entirely, but you can also find me at the following locations:

animals, animorphs, archaeopteryx, art, arthur jensen, astrobiology, astrophysics, autumn, back to the future, bad math jokes, biology, bird photography, birding, birds, birds of prey, birdwatching, bob dylan, books, brian jacques, calculus, calvin and hobbes, carnivores, cats, cheese, chess, chrono trigger, cladistics, classical music, computers, cosmology, darwin, deinonychus, deism, descartes, dinosaurs, douglas adams, drawing, dromaeosaurs, dune, eating tasty animals, ender's game, evolution, evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, feathered dinosaurs, felidae, feynman, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, food, ford prefect, frank herbert, genetics, gregory s. paul, half-life 2, hawks, heredity, his dark materials, hork bajir, howard roark, individual differences, intelligence, iq, james gurney, jethro tull, john lennon, john ostrom, koji kondo, koosh fishing, led zeppelin, legend of zelda, logic, m. c. escher, magus, majora's mask, maniraptors, mario, mathematics, meat, mental chronometry, metal gear solid, microraptor, model rocketry, mustelidae, myst, natural history, nature, nintendo, ocarina of time, old school games, ornithology, orson scott card, owls, painting, paleoart, paleobiology, paleontography, paleontology, parks and recreation, paul mccartney, perfect dark, philip pullman, phylogeny, physics, pink floyd, piter de vries, psychometric g, psychometrics, quantum mechanics, quantum physics, red xiii, redwall, richard feynman, riven, robert bakker, science, science fiction, scientific illustration, shadow of the colossus, sherlock, shigeru miyamoto, simon & garfunkel, sinornithosaurus, slash, spock, star wars, statistics, steak, steven pinker, syd barrett, taxonomy, tetrapteryx, the beatles, the blank slate, the fountainhead, the g factor, the legend of zelda, the moiety, the scientific method, the sopranos, theoretical physics, theropods, thoreau, velociraptor, video games, wildlife art, wwii, xenobiology, zelda, zoology

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